Easy FQ Project - Christmas Stocking Tutorial and Pattern

Easy FQ Project - Christmas Stocking Tutorial and Pattern

Published by Louise on 6th Oct 2023

Its that time of year when people start to think about Christmas so here is a quick and easy step by step Christmas Stocking tutorial. You can download the pattern and instructions from the Sew Scrumptious website here. We have also made a video to make it even easier which you can see below. 

You will need

One FQ of main fabric (patterned works best)

One FQ of lining fabric (plain white fabric is fine)

Small amount of contrasting fabric for Stocking Cuff (spotty fabrics always looks good)

Small amount of ribbon

A button

Download and print out the pattern (3 pages). Check the test box measurements then match up the dotted lines and sellotape together to make the main stocking shape. Cut around the outline. Cut out the stocking cuff.

Fold the main fat quarter in half and cut out 2 stocking shapes from the main fabric and then 2 from the lining fabric.

Stocking cuff - cut 2 pieces on the fold of the fabric.

Place the long edge of the stocking cuff face down on the top of one of the main stocking pieces and sew along the top using a 3/8" seam allowance. Repeat with the other side of the cuff but sew on to a lining stocking piece. You should end up with a piece of fabric as shown below. Press the seams to the middle. Make sure that the foot pieces are facing the same way. Repeat with the remaining pieces of fabric.

Place the two pieces face down on top of each other (patterns facing) and pin all the way around. Start at the base of the lining foot and sew around the foot, up the leg, around the other foot and down to the bottom of the lining foot again. Make sure you leave a small turning gap in the bottom of the lining foot.

Trim around the stocking using pinking shears to remove bulk

Pull the main stocking fabric through the gap in the lining foot and turn everything inside out so the right sides are now showing and press. Sew up the turning gap.

Push the lining fabric back inside the main fabric until the lining 'foot' is neatly inside the main stocking foot and everything is nice and neat. It should look like this at the top.

Fold over the stocking cuff and work out where you want your hanging loop. Add a loop of ribbon and a button for decoration on the inside of the stocking. The stitching will be hidden on the back by the stocking cuff.

To personalise the stocking, just add a name or initials to the stocking cuff. Just make sure that you place them on the right way so that when you turn the cuff down the letters are the right way up. You also need to think about which way you want the stocking foot to face.

Here is the finished article ready to hang on the mantelpiece!

These are some other designs that we made. You can add little bells to the back of the stocking cuff if you like or how about a little pocket for a note to Santa? The possibilities are endless!

If you make a stocking using this pattern, please send us a photo. We would LOVE to see them! 

Check out our video too and if you like it sign up to our sewing channel.

Happy sewing...

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