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Crafting Magic with Lewis & Irene Fabrics

Step into a world of enchantment with British based design house Lewis & Irene.  

Explore fabrics that tell stories, inspire imagination, and elevate your crafting projects.

Why Choose Lewis & Irene Fabrics?

Dive into a curated selection of fabrics featuring whimsical designs that captivate the heart.

Lewis & Irene is celebrated for its imaginative prints, bringing a touch of magic to your creative endeavors.

Lewis & Irene Fabrics are synonymous with quality, offering 100% cotton fabrics that not only look stunning but also feel delightful to work with.

Whether you're quilting, dressmaking or engaging in home decoration projects, Lewis & Irene Fabrics offer a versatile range of designs to suit every creative vision including glow in the dark fabrics and metallic designs.

You can find inspiration and free tutorials on the Lewis & Irene website.


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